/// Technical Expertise

We are highly proficient in product innovation as well as lean manufacturing.

Trusted Partner

More importantly, we are strictly committed to protecting confidentiality of customers’ trade and technical secret. Our sincerity and integrity have won us trust amongst our customers.

Product Development Solutions

For years, Wah Yuet has had a succession of achievements in product innovation and offered reputed security companies numerous solutions for value adding, optimization and new product development. No matter it is a mere sketch or a plain sample, Wah Yuet is able to transform it to a widely popular product.

Proficient & Efficient

Our Technical Department has more than 100 electronics, mechanics and finish experts who are not only adept in R&D, but also masterful in mass production. They are available on-site at every project section to ensure that product design, machinery and production-flow collaborate efficiently. No matter what stage your project is in, we can take it on and do it right.

Tool Building & Protoyping

Our state-of-the-art computer technologies (e.g. Pro-E, AutoCAD) and CNC machines make tool building and prototyping swift and effective. Please visit our Tool Room!.