/// Keys

No job is too big in Wah Yuet!  We can surely meet your project requirements and are committed to your success.

We can surely provide you with total solutions for keys. All our manufacturing processes are under one roof, from blanking, milling, key biting, logo coining to plating.

/// Keys

/// Brass Key Blank

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  • solid brass

/// Brass Key - Nickel-Plated

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  •  solid brass – nickel plated

/// Brass Key Brass Color

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  • brass key brass color

/// Nickel Silver Key

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  • nickel silver key

/// Dimple Key - Plastic Cover

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  • dimple key, plastic cover

/// Dimple Key - Nickel-Plated

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  • dimple key, nickel plated

/// Steel Key - Nickel Plated

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  • steel key – nickle plated


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